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But that sending institution may not be incentivized to do so, for the reasons identified earlier in the piece.

Yeah, I get it. I have friends, I like my friends (else I wouldn't be friends with them), and I like socializing with them, but it almost never even occurs to me to invite them out to do something. Stuff like that kind of makes me a little anxious.

It's also gotten worse since I completely stopped drinking alcohol for the last few years. I wasn't a huge drinker anyway, but the liquid courage of even a tiny bit of alcohol did relieve that anxiety, and made it easier to do stuff with friends. Now that I don't drink alcohol I'm a little boring.

IIRC even SGI themselves had something like Octane case converted into beer tap and used that very successfully as a way to get people onto their stand at trade fairs.

Nvim was given as an example because I was interested in it for ages, and only recently gave it a whirl and loved it, but the situation, from my personal experience, is even more dire, where for example people are not aware of how to fix the virtual environment they are working in, or how it works so they can ask the proper questions.

well after the Ukraine stroke radar target inside the Russia. Risk of nuclear war might have gone higher,, at least temporarily. And nuclear war Means turning earth into Venus or Mars twin. USA can decide how much support is too much support and how small support is too small support, because too little support might lead Russia attacking NATO countries event without needing to occupate but the much support can just lead to termination of All life on earth.

It's just a scale thing. Around the rise of Facebook came the rise of mobile. With mobile the internet became huge, absolutely massive, and the idea of a shared culture on the internet basically broke down. I'm pretty sure the average Discord server is bigger than the top 5 ICQ chatrooms combined. The early internet strongly self-selected for a Western, upper middle class, college educated person (or someone who was on their way to becoming a Western upper-middle class college-educated person) as that was the only person who had the money, time, and education to afford the peripherals (home PCs, modems, telecoms costs, internet plans.)

“We can’t get people to willingly use our chromium wrapper, so we’ll add features that only make sense when they’re forced to use it”.

Sounds rather like how Google photos does not identify anything as a Gorilla.

I strongly recommend the opposite direction. Do not brand any accessibility feature as something "more" or "additional". Instead you want to weave accessibility features into the baseline of minimum competency such that a failure to consider accessibility is an unforgivable shameful failure of negligence worthy of civil liability and gross financial penalties.

For example, if you drive too fast in a parking lot and accidentally kill multiple people you did not simply happen to miss some advanced consideration. You violently failed a basic fundamental and unforgivable understanding of operating a motor vehicle worthy of spending multiple years in prison and liability of extreme civil penalties. There is plainly evident to the common person without any misunderstanding.

In order to achieve accessibility at Southwest Airlines the leadership mandated accessibility be a common virtue of minimum accepted criteria. This mandate came from corporate leadership in 2014 and violations were unforgivable. WCAG 2.0 AA was the standard and anybody who failed to achieve that minimum standard at every aspect of delivery simply no longer wanted to retain their employment.

you can absolutely purchase physical goods on onlyfans. it often comes in a ziplock bag!

I can't say I think they've been all that useful lately:


and online, niche reputation based forums in phpbb that have been online since the 90s and have aging users with post counts in the 6 figures.

No, but it does seem Goyal really dislikes tmux and is making the common misunderstanding that people use tmux for persistence more than formatting.

No, because the high potency stuff merely increases THC but does not increase and in fact often decreases other psychoactive compounds like CBD. It will not be the same.

Yes, it has a bigger more active community with more features and plugins. I used to use screen all the time but then converted to tmux because of modern features that screen didn't support, at that time at least, like displaying certain Unicode characters and a way to restore a previous session. It was a bit of a hassle to make tmux work similar to screen and some things you have to really do in a different way, but overall I'm happy with the switch.

Waymo is not Google. And Deepmind operated quite independently until not long ago.

The argument about parsing twice doesn't seem very good to me. Vim and emacs are also parsing keystrokes, should we abandon them too?

The cynic in me thinks it's more likely that because kitty offers tmux features he wants to lock users in to his product.

> I never imagined fiber cable being used for something other than data

Interesting side note is that Compaq ProLiant servers of roughly the same vintage as C7600 actually use optical fibers for system status LEDs. (And using fiber instead of rigid lightpipes is not that uncommon in HDD trays)

The reason verifiability is important is because humans can be incentivized to be truthful and factual. We know we lie, but we also know we can produce verifiable information, and we prefer this to lies, so when it matters, we make the cost to lying high enough that we can reasonably expect that they will not try to deceive (for example by committing perjury, or fabricating research data). We know it still happens, but it’s not widespread and we can adjust the rules, definitions and cost to adapt.

An LLM does not have such real world limitations. It will hallucinate nonstop and then create layers of gaslighting explanations to its hallucinations. The problem is that you absolutely must be a domain expert at the LLM’s topic or always go find the facts elsewhere to verify (then why use an LLM?).

So a company like Google using an LLM, is not providing information, it’s doing the opposite. It is making it more difficult and time consuming to find information. But it is then hiding their responsibility behind the model. “We didn’t present bad info, our model did, we’re sorry it told you to turn your recipe into poison…models amirite?”

A human doing that could likely face some consequences.

Ok, so why don't you build things for fun that affect the real world outside of your office job?

And before you tell me you are too tired of coding from your day job, which is the cliche response to this question, you can do anything, even woodworking, it just has to affect the real world and not a video game.

I know this isn't the identity function, but it's the same idea and a feeling I get when using Lisps that the language is kind of "complete". Including the identity function and having built in 0-ary functions where it makes sense are examples of this.

So where is matters the most.

I think you're oversimplifying and dismissing the issue.

> have all made it into reality.

I don't like this. It sounds like you're saying it is we who are intentionally creating this dystopian world. Or that we build this because this is what Hollywood shows us. One sounds like we're all evil (maybe we are), and the other sounds like a conspiracy.

> Note that sci-fi goes through cycles.

Saying it goes in cycles dismisses the aspect that we are the ones in control. And let's be honest, we're the nerds, it doesn't matter what mainstream sci-fi is in vogue. It matters what we watch and what we're trying to create.

All things "go through cycles" and that's not a meaningful thing to note. It is dismissive of the causal factors and as if we are subject to fate. The future and world is in our hands. We are the creators and masters of our future, our society, our culture. It is not father time nor are our thoughts and dreams controlled by others. You can argue that our capacity to make those dreams a reality are, but not the dreams themselves.

I want to add more context to my previous statement. Antoine de Saint Exupéry once said

  If you want to build a ship, don't drum up people to collect wood and don't assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.
What I'm saying is we've lost this longing. We've lost this dream. And thus, we stopped building ships.

How many of them are both geographically close enough and discoverable enough tho?

I just finished the Security Cryptography Whatever episode [0] about this and when Eric Rescorla is going on about how they almost threw the Web PKI overboard for a blockchain but it was too slow I was like, "just use a layer 2 like Lightning! It's fast, like Lightning!" But then they described SCTs and I was like, "well OK, way worse name, but they got there"

[0]: https://securitycryptographywhatever.com/2024/05/25/ekr/

Presumably she does have the ability to make a decision to move back though? I assume you've broached her options so she knows you're supportive? People need a lot of reassurance that it's ok to change course if something isn't working out.

yes. consume less of it.

how do you know that they were just using cannabis?

> Your statement appears to be passing judgement to an adult using marijuana as a coping mechanism. Do you also have the same feeling for someone who takes a prescribed medicine for similar emotional regulation? I get there is a line here with certain mental disorders but if someone finds themselves better off (in their own opinion) by using marijuana who are you, or I to judge?

I think there's a point where it becomes clear use of the drug is leading to sufficiently negative life outcomes that the drug's doing more harm than good. Alcohol's an easy case here (and a trigger word, so: I'm not comparing alcohol to weed from a health perspective, it's just an analogy) - many of us will have a pint or a glass of wine now and again to relax, but when you start drinking enough that it's regularly preventing you from meeting your obligations (or desires), you should re-evaluate. It can happen with prescription drugs, as well - a friend of mine was prescribed something for anxiety that wound up effectively rendering them homebound. At that point, it's not really serving its purpose as a coping mechanism.

That's not really what the article is about, it's a theme, but the argument is about power in the workplace and how it erodes the conditions for accumulating professional skill. It's like on the nose about this from the outset, I don't understand how you could miss it.

Since shareholders and management in large corporations control much of what software developers do all day, every day, if one considers this a problem and wants a solution, what can you think about except unions? I can think of one thing, guilds. Like the lawyers and doctors and accountants we could form guilds, only take in people we know are decent and honest and we kick them out if they turn bad or don't live up to our professional standards. And then we could use that as a base for collective bargaining, or if necessary, extortion.

If you don't have anything else, then I think union is likely the more practical suggestion. Many know what a union is, there's recent history of success, striking is well understood.

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